What are the Top Considerations for Poolside Landscaping

Coming out of the pandemic, we have realized that modifying our properties for recreational purposes can make our indoor time more enjoyable. A luxury swimming pool in the backyard is your favourite recreational spot in your home. However, if you want to relax and host parties by the poolside, consider landscaping that complements it. Adding various decorative elements can make your swimming pool more aesthetically pleasing and inviting.  

Creating a poolside landscape requires both creativity and knowledge. You cannot just put everything around your pool - there are some plants you should stay away from while designing pool landscaping. Therefore, you should work with an expert landscaper to enhance your property to its maximum potential. Ever Changing Landscaping LTD (ECL) is a landscaper in Milton that thinks outside the box of softscape and integrates elements like stone outcroppings, rock features, pergolas, and lighting. Here are some helpful tips for landscaping around a swimming pool to enhance its appearance and utility. 

Choose Mess-Free Plants

In landscaping near a pool, flowering shrubs that lose their buds and plants with leaves that fall throughout the growing season are more of a hassle than a joy. You do not want to spend time cleaning and removing plant debris from your pool. As a result, you should stay away from bushes like azaleas and crepe myrtles. Bonus tip: Choose shrubs like boxwoods and other evergreen species to reduce clean-up and landscape maintenance. 

Stone Accents and Rock Outcroppings

Stone accents and rock outcroppings add depth, style, elegance and texture to a poolside landscape. Multiple reasons make these the best choice for poolside landscaping. You do not have to water the stones or worry about their appearance during hot summers. Furthermore, pests and diseases are not an issue with stones and rocks. In conclusion, besides its inherent maintenance-free nature, stone also offers stunning beauty and structural integrity.  

Consider Plant Size and Growth

Plant growth is another factor you should consider. Plants that grow slowly do not require as much pruning. However, if you intend to construct natural screening around your pool, you might choose evergreens that grow quickly. The best varieties among slow-growing and low-maintenance plants are Franklin's gem boxwood and Emerald' N Gold Euonymus. In contrast, natural screening grasses are a good option if your goal is more coverage. Before selecting plants around your pool, speak with a landscape designer about maintenance and growth patterns.  

Pool and Landscape Lighting

Light up your landscape and pool to extend your outdoor time. A well-lit home, trees, and entertainment area will create architectural interest. Additionally, landscape lighting is an important safety measure, especially near swimming pools. Along with pool lighting, we always recommend illuminating walkways and gathering spaces to create a welcoming ambiance. Adding lighting to an outdoor space is easy to liven up, provided you design it properly.  

Bring Your Pool to Life with ECL

Adding landscaping to a poolside area creates a great outdoor living space that enhances the quality of life at home. When you google "Landscaping Milton" you'll find Ever Changing Landscape LTD. They offer exceptional landscaping services in Milton using their meticulous attention to detail, experience, and imaginative ideas.



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